The Official Lottery

Official lottery bocoran sgp refers to state-run lotteries. These are generally funded by state governments and, in most cases, run entirely by public officials. As a result, they operate independently of the federal government, and as such, they do not have to answer to Congress or any other agency. This arrangement has some advantages for states, but also some disadvantages.

Cohen argues that the modern incarnation of the lottery began in the nineteen-sixties, when rising inflation and the cost of the Vietnam War made balancing state budgets more difficult. For many states, especially those with large social safety nets, the choice was to raise taxes or cut services. Lotteries seemed like a great alternative, he writes, because they promised to make lots of money.

Despite their popularity, though, state-run lotteries are inefficient revenue generators. The proceeds are not collected very efficiently, and they end up as a tiny drop in the bucket of overall state spending, as little as one to two percent.

And while they are marketed as a way to help education, most of the money raised is actually going to state agencies, not directly into schools. This is partly because the bottom quintile of income earners don’t have a lot of discretionary cash, and they spend a large portion of their income on tickets. As a result, the lottery has become regressive, and Cohen suggests that it does not really benefit poor people as much as politicians claim.