NBA Official Betting

Official betting is wagering on real-time events that are regulated by a state. It’s a legal alternative to illegal gambling and offers players the chance to win large sums of money. It also helps states collect tax revenue.

The NBA prohibits anyone associated with the league — players, team staff or coaches — from placing bets on any of its games or properties. That includes the NBA, WNBA, G-League, Basketball Africa League and NBA2K League. Those who violate the league’s betting policy risk losing their eligibility for college and professional sports. Isaiah Rodgers and Rashod Berry of the Indianapolis Colts, Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon and several other college athletes were recently suspended for violating the league’s betting rules.

The NBA beefed up its in-house security and partnered with sportsbooks and independent integrity monitors to track bets and identify potential offenders. In addition, it has enhanced its own in-house research capabilities to better detect illegal activity. And it is working to expand its network of in-stadium and online betting sites, so it can more easily track bets across the country.