The Official Poker Rankings

The Official Poker Rankings site is a free website that rates poker tournaments, poker sites, and poker players. The site also contains results of online poker tournaments and live poker streaming. You can find out which players won the biggest pots online. These rankings are updated frequently, and are a great resource for poker enthusiasts.

To ensure fairness in the game, players must follow the rules of the game. It is important not to reveal your holding unless it is your turn to act. This will not only speed up the game, but will also help you avoid acting out of turn. Even though it is not against the rules, playing while distracted is considered a form of disrespect to other players.

The dealer is the player who deals the cards. He or she may have two or more buttons at one table. They rotate clockwise after each hand. The two players to the left of the dealer are known as the “big blind” and “small blind.” These two players must make forced bets of a certain amount before the cards are dealt. Hole cards are dealt face down.