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New York Official Betting Laws

New York bettors can place a variety of wagers at sportsbooks that are officially licensed to operate in the state. These books are regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission, which ensures that all bettors’ actions are in compliance with state law.

The commissioners of the Gaming Commission are seasoned, well-trained professionals who have the experience and knowledge to make informed decisions about how the commission should govern the industry. The commissioners work together to set policies and procedures that will lead to the safe and fair operation of the sportsbooks in the state. They also provide technical and regulatory guidance to the sportsbooks, as well as oversee the integrity of the games.

In addition to placing bets on individual teams, bettors can place wagers on the total number of goals scored during a game by either taking the OVER or the UNDER of the sportsbook’s prediction. A soccer wager is only official once the full game has finished, which includes injury time and extra time.

A “major league sports franchise” is any professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or soccer team that participates in the highest level of a respective sport. A “motor sports facility” is an outdoor motor sport track that hosts a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) national touring race.

A “principal” is any person who owns or controls, directly or indirectly, five percent or more of the pecuniary interest in a permit holder or has the power to vote or cause the voting of such interest. The term “principal” also includes the immediate family members of such persons.

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